About me

    Who I am ?

I'm Alicia, a young french trans girl who have 19yo. I like (ok this the 1st one, love) alcohol, poker, video games and been stupid (I guess). And, the most important thing, I'm depressive.

    What I am studying ?

I am in the 2nd annuary of accounting, yes, and I prefere make a useless website than studie for real, I am special, I know I know (ahah).

    I like...
    I hate...
  • People who saying "Alicia is cute !"
  • Fascist
  • Been idiot
  • Been alone
  • Violence
  • OFC if you want know more thing about me, you will need to talk to me !

      But, what I want to be

    In the futur I want to be teacher, and get some fucking passing, because for the moment I don't have it :/

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